Can we cancel the purchase of a car?


Whenever we make a purchase of any item online, we are clear that we can cancel and return the order without problem. The question arises what happens when we buy a vehicle. Can we really cancel the purchase of a car?

How to cancel the purchase of a car

When we buy any vehicle online, doesn’t matter a car or a motorcycle, we are protected by the so-called consumer right of withdrawal, which allows us to cancel said purchase contract within a certain period of time after delivery.
It is important that we know that this right protects only and exclusively private consumers, excluding buyers, freelance, companies or other buyers who are not private
It is regulated in articles 68 and following of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of November 16, 2007, by which the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws is approved.
At the European level there are regulations and laws specific to each country, which protect the buyer in the same way, so we can cancel the purchase of a car.

Do we need to have reasons to cancel the contract?

We really don’t need have to a reason that justifies the right of withdrawal. The private person who has purchased the vehicle can exercise the right to contractual cancellation without any additional reason.
It is important to differentiate the right of withdrawal, compared to the right to claim for hidden defects or warranty (when there are mechanical problems in the car or motorcycle). Canceling the contract by withdrawal (within the legally established period) is not the same as requesting a refund for mechanical reasons, hidden defects or warranty.

What type of sales are eligible for this right?

Fundamentally they are protected and are susceptible to purchase cancellation, all those made at a distance or over the internet. We are talking about situations in which the buyer did not have the object of purchase in front of him to be able to see or review it.
We refer to purchases in which the car has not been seen before.
That is why it is important that we always review invoices and purchase contracts, since many sellers put as an additional clause that the buyer has seen and tested the vehicle on site (still not true).

How long do we have to withdraw?

The terms range from 7 business days to 14 calendar days depending on each case.

What are the exceptions not included?

Do not have the right to claim the contractual cancellation or the right of withdrawal, all those cases that are special business. We are talking about, for example, customized orders goods, fully executed services, deteriorable goods, those that threaten health and hygiene and that have been unsealed…

In short, as a private buyer, we can cancel the purchase of a car online, having the right to request free contractual cancellation within a period of 14 calendar days.

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