Buying a car safely in Spain

In the following article, we are going to explain the most important steps that anyone has to take in order to buy a car in Spain  safely. That is, what should be done before buying a car. Steps to follow when buying a car in Spain. Many times, most of our clients, motivated by rushing, … Leer más

What is covered by a mechanical warranty?

Garantías mecánicas

The subject of the mechanical guarantee, what it covers and what it does not, is a field much debated, both by lawyers specialized in this sector, as well as by professionals or individuals. Day after day, they continually encounter such problems while buying or selling cars. The information about what and who our mechanical guarantee … Leer más

Law Firm in Germany

Having a law firm in Germany is another step in the excellence and growth of our law firm. From abogadodecoches we always want to improve our services and attention, in order to offer the most personalized and efficient treatment possible to the clients. Our law firm in Germany Since the beginning of 2022, we have … Leer más

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