Difference Between Hidden Defects And Warranty


From the point of view of the private buyer, often it is not possible to find the difference between hidden defects and warranty. The terms are confused when claiming to the seller. The buyer is usually not an expert in the matter, and it is possible for the claim to get mistakes because it does not fit within the ideal legal aspect.

It is very important that when we are faced with a problem in the car we have bought, we know based on what legal right we can claim against the seller. That is, to know if it is by guarantee or if it is due to hidden defects.

Difference between hidden defects and warranty

The main difference between the two is that the warranty claim corresponds to a mechanical problem with the car in general, and the claim for hidden defects occurs when this problem (which may or may not be mechanical) makes normal use of the car impossible.

Warranty claim

If the car has a fault in which some part of the engine is damaged and makes a noise, but for the moment the car continues working with apparent normality, we would be talking about a warranty problem.

Claim for hidden defects

If, on the contrary, we are faced with a problem that makes it impossible to use the car normally. That it does not start, that it has all the underbody with rust which makes us insecure to drive, that it has a mechanical problem that does not allow it to be used… we will be talking about a claim for hidden defects.

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