Buying a car safely in Spain.


In the following post, we are going to explain how to buy a car in Spain in a safe way or, in other words,
it will be explained the main steps you should follow before buying a car.

Steps to follow when buying a car in Spain.

Often, most of our costumers, motivated by haste or by the desire to get a new car, don’t pay attention to the most important things when buying a car. This makes buying a car in Spain seems like a insecure and frightening operation because it brings more problems than benefits. In order to avoid this situation, here
are the steps to buy a car safely.

Visit only reliable sites.

Many times, when a client hires our services because he has been swindled, we realize that the ad or the
website where the client has read the offer are no longer available or, by contrast, although we can find
the website and the ad, they are pretty unreliable.
Therefore, the first step to buying a car in Spain or in another country in a safe way, is to look for cars on sale only in well-known and reliable sites.

Have a conversation with the seller, at least by phone

Although many people do not give it any relevance, the conversations we have with the seller are very important.
We shoud have conversations with the seller by phone call, not only by email or by social network because it allows us to check if the seller is a real person with a real phone number and to obtain clues about his identity and behaviors, for example, his age, where he is from, when he answers and when he hangs up calls, where he is when he answers…

Ask the seller for detailed information.

If it is possible, it’s advisable to have videos of the exterior and the interior of the car and of the car working.

Check the documentation.

Check the documentation is the most important step in buying a car. Under no circumstances we should buy a car without checking its documentation.

In Spain we are lucky because if we have the license plate number, we can request a report to the National Department of Traffic -DGT- that will provide us interesting data about the car, such us who is the owner, if it has been seized, if there’s unpaid fines associated with it…

Many times, scammers get the documentation for other cars, for that reason it is better to have a video and not only the documentation.

Enter into a contractual agreement or obtain an invoice.

Once we have followed the steps above and before paying, we should ask and obtain a supporting
document, such as a contractual agreement or an invoice.

Pay safely and securely.

Finally, you should make a secure payment. In all countries, the safest way to pay is by bank transfer and,
for that reason, is the way that we advise.
If you need help to solve any problem related to the purchase of you vehicle, or if you have a claim, do
not hesitate to contact us.

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