Claiming a Mechanical Warranty as a Private Individual


One of the situations that for any person, is unclear when claiming a mechanical guarantee, is how to do it to follow the correct steps. This is a very important point, since if we do not do it correctly, we may lose the right to that guarantee.

If we meet the requirements, to be able to claim the repair of our vehicle while it is under warranty (having bought it from a private less than 6 months ago, or having bought it from a sales professional less than a year ago and that the problem is a mechanical breakdown and not wear parts ), these are the steps to follow:

Bring it to a workshop

Logically, the first thing we have to do, is verify in a workshop and if possible in writing budget. It must be shown that the problem that our car has is due to a mechanical failure. It is necessary to have an approximate orientation of what said repair would cost.

Notify the seller

You always have to send (by any means and if possible reliably and in writing), a communication to the seller of the car. In this communication, the problem we have should be explained and we inform you of the approximate costs of that repair.

Wait for a positive response from the seller

Once the seller knows and knows what the problem is, he can tell us that he accepts the reparation, which ends our problem here. He can tell us that he does not fix it, in which case we should go to court. Or simply not answer us, what we understand as a negative answer.


One of the situations that our lawyers come across very often, is that in which the buyer has repaired the vehicle at his own risk and expense, and then claims it from the seller. We have to emphasize that in this case, there is no room for any type of claim. The fact that the vehicle is under warranty does not give the buyer the right to repair it at his expense and risk.

If we have repaired the car, without having previously informed us, we lose the warranty coverage for that specific case.

If you have bought a car and have a problem making a claim, do not hesitate to contact us.

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