Law Firm in Germany

Having a law firm in Germany is another step in the excellence and growth of our law firm.
From abogadodecoches we always want to improve our services and attention, in order to offer the most personalized and efficient treatment possible to the clients.

Our law firm in Germany

Since the beginning of 2022, we have implemented our international department. We currently have a team of lawyers in Germany. German lawyers who, together with our law firm in Spain, exclusively attend to all our clients who have bought a vehicle in Germany or in other European countries.

Advantages of the service

The great advantage is that this new service allows us to manage in a entire direct way, without intermediaries and exclusively on behalf of each of our clients, the lawsuits or judicial claims presented in German territory.

  • We managed to streamline all processes much more.
  • We treat face to face and in German with the defendant.
  • We give real and fast information about the possibilities of success that our clients have.

Managing the language and  the country is essential to make yourself understand.
This team is made up of a firm of expert lawyers and advisers, who cover all the important specialties of law related to the world of cars; tax, accounting, civil and criminalFew are the firms, and less in the automotive and car sector, that have their own advisers, lawyers or representatives in Germany and in other countries of the European Union.

Areas in which we work

We cover all German regions from north to south (Hanover, Berlin, Hamburg, Bonn, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt…).
Both directly and with external German representatives if necessary. We always look for the options that are geographically closest to the defendant’s address, in order to save costs as much as possible for our clients.

We adapt to the needs that our users require in each city of the German territory, because at abogadodecoches we seek to grow and improve continuously.

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