Problems And Solutions In Imported Cars


In pur law firm we find everyday  with problems in imported cars for which we give you solutions. They are normally of different types, which clients suffer when they have bought a car in Spain or outside of Spain (for example in Germany).

Our first idea is one of astonishment, since many clients and their problems are derived from negligent and unprofessional purchase management. Many times buyers pay for something that they have not verified as they should. Even other times they buy without a contract or without making sure if the car has some type of lien, charge or encumbrance.

Tips when buying an imported car

We will try to give a few tips to keep in mind when you are buying an imported car, whether imported from Germany or from any other country.

Apply common sense

We will not get tired of saying it. If we are seeing offers for cars whose prices are well below than the normal price of other vehicles with the same characteristics, we should be suspicious of that offer, and think that it is probably a vehicle that has some kind of problem, it is a vehicle with a blow, stolen…

Review documentatio

Always before paying and before buying a car we have to ask the seller for the documentation of that vehicle, regardless of the country it comes from. Checking the documentation is the only real and safe method that allows us to avoid problems related to the charges and properties of the car. It is really surprising that many people have been scammed by buying a car that does not exist, and of which they have not even seen the documentation before buying.

Let us advise by professionals in the importation of cars

Third, we need to have advice from  professionals. In the case of imported cars, we have seen on the internet that there are two or three companies that are dedicated to importing cars and advising customers.

It is good that we let the professionals work properly, who, for very little money, carry out a very complete job. This is the case, for example, of, a company specialized in the import sector that has been working for many years, is based in different countries, including Germany, and offers a very complete and safe import assistance service. Going hand in hand with professionals always solves many problems.

Go to a law firm to solve the problems and find a solution

In the case that we have a problem with an imported car, we must go to a competent law firm like us. Where we will look for solutions to your problems with cars imported or purchased in Spain or in other countries.

From Abogadodecoches we offer seriousness and solutions to all your problems related to the world of the automobile sector.

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